Monica Dall'Asta

Monica Dall'Asta is Associate Professor at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she teaches Forms of Film and Media Seriality. She has written widely on early film seriality, with articles dealing with as many subjects as the Maciste cycle of Italian silent cinema, the Fantômas saga from literature to film, and the serial-queen genre. Her articles have appeared abroad in the Kintop journal, in Marina Dahlquist’s collection Pearl White and the Serial Craze (2013), and in Loïc Artiaga’s and Matthieu Letourneux’s newly edited edition of the Fantômas saga (2014). She is the author of Le cinéma muscle: le surhomme dans le cinéma muet italian (1992), on the Maciste cycle, and Trame spezzate: archeologia del film seriale, on the silent film serials (the book obtained the 2009 Limina Award as the best Italian book in Film Studies). Her work on the history of film theories and feminist film history has appeared in a number of major international publications.