Phyll Smith

Phyll Smith writes on seriality and the cultural politics of fringe media texts - those ancillary or unofficial media (by)products and their producers and consumers: Non-feature film products of the 1930-40s such as Serials and newsreels, and their print tie-ins and commentaries, in comics, advertising and magazines; unofficial publications such as political pamphlets, fan magazines and cartoons; and the moral and political panics and backlashes to these often lowbrow texts. He is Associate Lecturer at University of East Anglia and co-ordinates the ‘To Be Continued…’ Serials, series and sequential viewing research network. His PhD research centers on American Sound Serials: their audiences, exhibition and producers and his biography of radical pamphleteer and journalist Tom Wintringham, The Last English Revolutionary is published by the London School of Economics/Sussex Academic Press 2012.