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Bettina Soller, M.A.

Bettina Soller

Bettina Soller

Bettina Soller, born 1981, studied German Philology and American Studies at the University of Hannover and Angelo State University, Texas (USA). She completed her studies in 2009 with a Master’s thesis on “Sex and the City and Friends: Negotiating Different Forms of Relationships”.

Bettina Soller is an associated member of the Popular Seriality Research Unit and is working on her dissertation “Fan Fiction: Towards a Conceptualization of Categories.” She has received a Ph.D. scholarship from the postgraduate program “Theorie und Methodik der Textwissenschaften und ihre Geschichte” at the Universities of Göttingen and Osnabrück.

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Contact: bettinasoller@hotmail.com