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Prof. Dr. Kaspar Maase

Kaspar Maase

Kaspar Maase

Kaspar Maase, born 1946, has been adjunct professor at the Ludwig-Uhland Institute for Empirical Cultural Studies at the University of Tübingen since 2006. His research interests include Americanization, popular culture from the 19th to the 21st centuries, the history of the protection of minors in the media, and aesthetic experience in everyday life.

Within the Popular Seriality Research Unit, Kaspar Maase has co-directed the sub-project "Collecting: Pulp Novels (Heftromane) between Popular Culture and Canon" with Gerhard Lauer and the sub-project "Quotidian Integration and Social Positioning of Pulp Novels (Heftromane) and Television Series" with Regina Bendix during the first funding period (2010-2013).

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Contact: kaspar.maase@uni-tuebingen.de