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Prof. Dr. Stefan Scherer

Stefan Scherer

Stefan Scherer

Stefan Scherer, born 1961, is professor of Modern German Literature at the KIT (Karlsruhe Institute for Technology). His research interests include history of literary media in German literature from the 18th to the 21st centuries, genre theory, and dramatology. His research on the institutional and historical significance of literary magazines and his research on the complexity of historical texture in Synthetic Modernism (1925-1955) inform his interest in seriality and popular culture.

Within the Popular Seriality Research Unit, Stefan Scherer is fellow and co-director, with Claudia Stockinger, of the sub-project "Forms and Practices of Seriality in the ARD Police Procedural Tatort" (2010-2013) and the sub-project "Serial Narration in Popular German-Language Periodicals from 1850 to 1890" (2013-2016).

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Contact: stefan.scherer@kit.edu