Sektion 10

Section 10: Workshop

Other Speeds and Segmentations: Seriality and the Feature Film

When we think of popular series, we typically think of recurring characters and evolving plot patterns in regular and relatively frequent installments. But cinematic serialities in the form of short-lived film cycles, long-term sequelizations, or cross-generational remakes complicate the standard view of serial narratives as fast-paced episodic formats. This workshop explores how feature-film seriality challenges our understanding of seriality in newspapers, comics, radio, or television.

Chair: Kathleen Loock (FU Berlin)

Format: Three 20-minute papers.


Frank Krutnik (Sussex): Serial Advantage: Larry Darmour as Serial Cine-Entrepreneur

Kathleen Loock (FU Berlin): Beyond the Formula? Hollywood Seriality and the Sequel Paradox

Constantine Verevis (Monash): Another Green World: The “Mad Max” series