Sektion 2

Section 2: Workshop

Digital Serialities

Today, series of all sorts are encoded in digital formats and circulated in digital media, but has seriality perhaps always been digital—or never yet completely? This workshop explores the genealogies that connect computational and analog forms of seriality. Investigating the meaning of seriality at the level of code and hardware, we ask how one can think of digital serialities not only in terms of forms and operations but also with regard to our broader media environments.

Chairs: Shane Denson (Duke/Hannover) and Andreas Sudmann (FU Berlin)

Format: Three 20-minute papers.


Stephanie Boluk (UC Davis): Networked Necronomics: The Serial Virality of Valve’s Zombies

Shane Denson (Duke/Hannover) & Andreas Sudmann (FU Berlin): Infra-Ludic Serialities

Till Heilmann (Bonn): 3D Printing: (Un)Making Seriality