Sektion 3

Section 3: Workshop

Detection & Concealment

Since its beginnings in the 19th century, modern serial storytelling has shown a strong affinity for plots of crime and detection. This workshop aims to consider the conflation of detective stories and seriality as more than a historical coincidence or a matter of genre. Looking beyond individual case studies, it investigates how series and serials, even outside the crime and detective genres, engage in practices of detection and concealment.

Chair: Ilka Brasch (Hannover)

Format: Three 20-minute papers.


Monica Dall'Asta (Bologna) & Federico Pagello (Queen’s University Belfast): The Puzzling Subject: Detective Series, Crime Serials and Narrative Desire

Helen Hanson (Exeter): ‘B’ for Blane and ‘B’ for Budget: The Productivity (and Narrativity) of Detection and Concealment in the studio era Hollywood series film

Rieke Jordan (FU Berlin): Surveillance on a Broken Screen: Glitches and Gaps in Serialized Narratives