Sektion 4

Section 4: Workshop

Gender. The Series

Gender studies, feminist media studies, queer studies, and critical race studies have long labored toward an understanding of gender as an intersectional, ongoing, and negotiated process of performance. This conception would seem to be particularly germane to the analysis of serialized media texts, but questions of gender and its intersections are still being treated as specialized concerns. Must feminist scholars “console their passions” for popular culture? Might the prevalence of representationalist readings be part of the problem? How is the “seriality of gender” related to the serialities of popular storytelling?

Chair: Maria Sulimma (FU Berlin)

Format: Three 20-minute papers.


Julia Leyda (FU Berlin): Resilience, Race, and Feminism in Female-Centered Serial TV

Amanda Lotz (University of Michigan): What Can Seriality Do for Constructions of Gender In Television Storytelling?

Maria Sulimma (FU Berlin): Will this Gender ever be Televised? On the Challenges of Seriality and Gender Studies.