Sektion 7

Section 7: Workshop

Non/Humans: Institutions – Agencies – Networks

Investigating commercial storytelling one quickly learns to think of seriality not in terms of sequentiality but spread and sprawl. Popular series, with their feedback loops of production and reception, are force fields of connection; they activate practices and mobilize practitioners far beyond their textual bounds. This workshop attends to the institutions and non-personal agencies of serial storytelling. But rather than searching for representations of non-human actors or network-figures in serial texts—as if series were allegories of ANT—it asks: what would it mean to study (textual/narrative) structure as (consolidated, habituated, institutionalized) practice, or (networked) practice as (improbable) structure?

Chair: Babette B. Tischleder (Göttingen)

Format: Three 20-minute papers.


Sven Grampp (Erlangen): A Network as an Actor: The Making of Teen TV

Sabine Sielke (Bonn): Seriality and Network(ing): Conceptualizing (Their) Connection

Michaela Wünsch (ICI Berlin): Singularity in Times of Seriality