Sektion 8

Section 8: Workshop

Seriality High ‘n’ Low

We’ve heard about popular seriality but what about its more respectable counterpart: the seriality of avantgarde music, abstract poetry, experimental art, or other “serious” areas of expression? When the low is related to the high, this often happens in the guise of the legitimating simile (“a TV series like a novel”), while post/modernist seriality is typically aligned with universal philosophies of repetition & difference but rarely with the variation practices of commercial culture (how often do we hear, “a Gertrude Stein novel as inventive and complex as a Seinfeld episode”?). Is seriality a genuinely popular principle invading other fields or should we approach it as a formal-aesthetic principle that is also exploited by commercial cultures? (How) does seriality allow us to rechart the cultural landscape between high ‘n’ low?

Chair: Ruth Mayer (Hannover)

Format: Three 20-minute papers.


Eva Geulen (ZfL Berlin): Seriality as Form

Julika Griem (Frankfurt): Machine and Game: Metaphors Seriality Lives By

Ulla Haselstein (FU Berlin): Modernist Seriality as a Modeling Device