Section 6

Section 6: Panel Discussion

Dimensions of ‘Produsing’: Writing, Producing, and Consuming the Serial in a Globalized World

Producing serials and consuming them are clearly interrelated practices, though one is coded more as work, the other more as leisure. Media anthropology has generated focused, site- and country-specific methods to understand series’ ecologies and economies; media studies has preferred to cast a wider analytic net. Both fields are trying to make sense of the transnational (often digitally-based) circulation of genres and plots on the one hand and of nation-specific modes of production and consumption on the other. This panel discussion brings together media scholars and cultural anthropologists who consider how their methodologies might address issues of “produsing” that are at once global and deeply local.

Chair: Regina Bendix (Göttingen)

Format: Five 5-minute statements followed by a moderated discussion.


John Caldwell (UCLA)

Christine Hämmerling (Zürich)

Nathalie Knöhr (Göttingen)

Britta Lesniak (Göttingen)

Annemarie Navar-Gill (University of Michigan)