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"Managing Mass Culture" conference

Apr 23, 2015 - Apr 25, 2015

From April 23 to 25,2015, the conference "Managing Mass Culture: Serialization, Standardization and Modernity, 1880-1940" will take place at the University of Hanover. Ilka Brasch, Frank Kelleter, Kathleen Loock, Ruth Mayer, and Christina Meyer will be attending the conference, which is part of Ruth Mayer's and Ilka Brasch's sub-project "Serializing Mass Culture: Popular Film Serials and Serial Structures in the United States, 1910-1940" and Christina Meyer's project "Series of Multimodal Forms of Narration: The Yellow Kid Newspaper Comics of the Nineteenth Century".

The conference is organized by Ilka BraschRuth Mayer, and Christina Meyer.

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Time & Location

Apr 23, 2015 - Apr 25, 2015

Leibniz Universität Hannover, Conti Campus/Niedersachsensaal