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Vortrag von Maria Sulimma am Deutsch-Amerikanischen Institut Tübingen

11.12.2014 | 19:15

Maria Sulimma spricht in einem Vortag am Deutsch-Amerikanischen Institut Tübingen über „'Everybody Makes it Until They Don't' - Serial Television and Zombies in The Walking Dead":

„Before the US-American cable television channel AMC premiered the series The Walking Dead on Halloween in 2010, critics and audiences had wondered whether a narrative about zombies would work in the serial, ongoing form of television. Readers of the comic series that the television show is based on were quick to point out the appeal of what would grow into a cross-media franchise (comics, television, games, and novels): The stories that The Walking Dead tells do not attempt to answer or explain the cause of the zombies; instead, the focus is on the survival, on the organization of everyday life, and on social interaction in communities formed to survive in the hostile surroundings of a zombie apocalypse.

The talk will investigate seriality and transmedia storytelling as central dynamics, its reception practices as well as production contexts."

Im Anschluss an den Vortrag wird eine Episode der Serie The Walking Dead gezeigt.

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Zeit & Ort

11.12.2014 | 19:15

d.a.i. hall, Tübingen