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Buchpräsentation von Post Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film

24.06.2016 | 20:30

Am 24. Juni werden Julia Leyda und Shane Denson ihr kürzlich herausgegebenes Buch Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film in der Pro q-Buchhandlung vorstellen. Ebendalls anwesend sind Steen Christiansen, Ruth MayerFelix Brinker und Andreas Sudmann.

If cinema and television, as the dominant media of the 20th century, shaped and reflected our cultural sensibilities, how do new digital media in the 21st century help to shape and reflect new forms of sensibility? In this collection, editors Shane Denson and Julia Leyda have gathered a range of essays that approach this question by way of a critical engagement with the notion of “post-cinema.” Contributors explore key experiential, technological, political, historical, and ecological aspects of the transition from a cinematic to a post-cinematic media regime and articulate both continuities and disjunctures between film’s first and second centuries.

The book brings together foundational texts by some of the key voices in the discussion of post-cinema and places them next to a range of brand-new chapters, as well as a series of roundtable discussions.

The long list of contributors includes: Caitlin Benson-Allott, Paul Bowman, Felix Brinker, Kristopher L. Cannon, Francesco Casetti, Steen Christiansen, Elena del Río, Shane Denson, Rosalind Galt, Therese Grisham, Richard Grusin, Leon Gurevitch, Mark B. N. Hansen, Bruce Isaacs, Adrian Ivakhiv, Kylie Jarrett, Selmin Kara, Julia Leyda, Patricia MacCormack, Lev Manovich, Ruth Mayer, Michael O’Rourke, Patricia Pisters, Alessandra Raengo, David Rambo, Nicholas Rombes, Sergi Sánchez, Karin Sellberg, Steven Shaviro, Michael Loren Siegel, Vivian Sobchack, Billy Stevenson, Andreas Sudmann.

Post-Cinema: Theorizing 21st-Century Film, edited by Shane Denson and Julia Leyda, a new open-access volume with REFRAME Books. The book will be available for free in several digital formats: the web-based version, with PDF chapter downloads, a complete PDF book, EPUB, and MOBI. At http://reframe.sussex.ac.uk/post-cinema/.

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24.06.2016 | 20:30

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