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Research Unit auf ISSN Narrative Konferenz Amsterdam

16.06.2016 - 18.06.2016

Vom 16. bis 18. Juni findet die jährliche Konferenz der International Society for the Study of Narrative (ISSN) in Amsterdam statt.

Mehrere Mitglieder und Fellows der Popular Seriality Research Unit werden bei der Konferenz vortragen.

Sowohl Daniel Stein als auch Jason Mittell sind als Featured Speaker für den Bereich Contemporary Narrative Theory eingeladen.

Robyn Warhol, Sean O’Sullivan und Maria Sulimma werden in einem gemeinsamen Panel zu “Synchronic Reading” vortragen.

Aus ihrer Panelbeschreibung:

“This panel addresses the question: what are the narrative implications of reading or following several texts at the same time? Drawing on examples from two single years in the 19th century and two in the 21st, the panel examines the phenomenon of “synchronic reading” as it might have occurred for texts’ original audiences, holding the parts of one narrative in their minds while taking in the next installments of others, or reading a new text in the context of others that appeared in the same year.

The term “synchronic reading” signals two relations narratives have to time and to history. History is often conceived as having two axes, the diachronic and the synchronic. The diachronic axis is often associated with narrative, with progress or movement forward, and with cause and effect. When we read a novel from cover to cover, we are reading it diachronically. The synchronic axis, by contrast, allows us to think about events that happened (or happen) at the same time. This panel will address the kinds of reading that happen on the synchronic axis.”


Das Panel enthält die folgenden Vorträge:

Robyn Warhol (The Ohio State University) :“1847: Reading Dickens and Thackeray Like a Victorian.”

Lindsey N. Chappell (Rice University):“1860: Victorian Periodicals and the Domestication of Italy.

Sean O’Sullivan (The Ohio State University):“2004: HBO's Annus Mirabilis."

Maria Sulimma (Free University of Berlin):“2015: Simultaneous Seriality and The Walking Dead.

Weitere Informationen und ein Programm lassen sich demnächst der Konferenzwebseite entnehmen:https://narrative2016.com/

Zeit & Ort

16.06.2016 - 18.06.2016

Universität Amsterdam